Garden Statues & Ornaments

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Garden Statues & Decor

Made here in the UK.

Produced from concrete with a weatherproof ingredient added.

These  beautiful statues are treated for outdoors.I

In the winter months it is advisable to keep them safe by storing them in a garage, shed etc.

If this isn't possible another option is to protect them in a covered area in the garden as strong winds, rain and snow may affect the product over time.

Concrete Statue Care

You can buy a concrete sealant which can protect your statue from the elements.

This will help with the longevity  and paint of your ornament ..

Use a waterproof, UV resistant sealer which protects against rain and sun.

Place concrete ornaments on well drained ground, try and avoid areas where water tends to accumulate.

Or on top of mulch.

Most statues don't have the bottom sealed. That's why its important to keep statues elevated off the ground, drained,  or mulched area.  This is important as concrete does absorb water and this could cause problems in the future if left in a water logged area..

Do not seal the bottom yourselves as concrete needs to breath.